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How to Install WordPress on XAMPP

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April 21, 2018
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In this article, We will learn how to install WordPress on XAMPP. First, I am assuming that XAMPP is already installed on your Windows machine.

You need to follow steps mentioned below for install WordPress on XAMPP.

1. Download WordPress

First, you need to download latest version of WordPress from the WordPress official download page

Then you will get a ZIP file of latest version of WordPress.

2. Extract WordPress ZIP file

Extract the ZIP file in the htdocs folder within the ‘/www/htdocs directory. which was downloaded in step 1. After extract ZIP file you will see a new directory called “wordpress” within the /www/htdocs directory.

3. Run XAMPP control panel

Now, It’s time to start XAMPP control panel in your window machine. When XAMPP control panel window will open then start Apache and MySQL modules by click on start button in front of module names.

4. Go to phpMyadmin panel

Go to the XAMPP dashboard page by opening a web browser and entering the following URL: http://localhost/dashboard/ in the browser address bar.

Click on phpMyadmin menu on the upper right side of your screen or you can directly access the phpMyadmin by enter URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin in the browser address bar.

5. Create new database

In next step, you need to create database. For this add database name in the field “Create new database”. Here I am creating database with name ‘wordpress’.

6. Open installation page in browser

In your browser, open URL ‘http://localhost/wordpress/’. The you will see installation page as shown in below screenshot. In this page select your preferred language and click on continue.

7. Enter website details

In step 1 you need to add website details like Site title, username, password, email etc. Then click on Install WordPress button.

8. Done!

When installation process will be complete you will see Success screen. You can go to login screen by click on Log in button.

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Manoj Patial
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