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Which is better-WordPress vs Drupal?

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April 5, 2018
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Both Drupal and WordPress are open-source content management systems. There are some differences in both CMS and in this article I am going to explain about these differences. Then you can know that which one is best for you.

WordPress is much easier to set up and use whereas Drupal is more flexible. The main differences between Drupal and WordPress is content types, URL handling, taxonomies, plugins and themes.

Ease of Use

WordPress is best preference for beginners because it is very easy to use and manage from back end. It works fine for small or medium size websites or blogs and smaller eCommerce stores.

Whereas Drupal is difficult and powerful. It requires an understanding of PHP, HTML and CSS.

If you have less knowledge of development and you want to get familiar with CMS, then simply choose WordPress as the reason is Drupal’s back end is too much complicated.


Drupal provides in-depth reports of security and has enterprise level of security. And because many free plugins in WordPress it can be hacked easily.

Most of the plugins in WordPress can be easily hacked and if the website owner doesn’t update to the latest version or the plugin gets old. Or simply, hackers target WordPress because it is so popular. However, there are third-party plugins available increase your security.

Drupal has enterprise-level security and provides in-depth security reports, hence why you’ll find governments using it.


Both are free to install. In WordPress various themes or plugins are available to choose. For beginners it is best option to choose because it also keeps cost down.
You too can download Drupal into your hosting server and if you are not aware which host to use, make use of web hosting chart. Drupal is the best and powerful CMS- but raise difficulties for website owner.

The Size Issue

Drupal can support anything from a one-page static site to something that has thousands of pages and thousands of readers reading those pages simultaneously.

As WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, its ability to handle really large volumes of content has been affected and can create a slower experience.

In WordPress many free and paid themes and plugins are available that can get you started building your website. There are also starter themes available for Drupal as well, but the majority of Drupal is designed for custom development.

Many people prefer to work with WordPress because of their available plugins, for everything from SEO to social media and more. Drupal’s version of plugins are called modules. Modules are free and contain many of the same functionality that are available using WordPress plugins, especially in Drupal 8. However, in WordPress, plugins are generally easier to manage without needing a developer. In Drupal, you’ll need a developer to handle installing or updating any modules.

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, so it doesn’t have the same ability as Drupal does to handle really large volumes of content. Drupal can support thousands of pages and thousands of users. Updates in Drupal 8 have also improved its page performance, including its caching feature which helps page load faster. In general, Drupal is more robust for handling complex projects.

Search Engine Optimization

As we know website should be SEO friendly, because this directly decides the online ranking of any website, along with the organic traffic and page views.

Both Drupal and WordPress are built with this aspect in mind. Here, WordPress has a lot of SEO related plugins to help you better enhance the SEO of your site easily.

Drupal tends to ensure the better loading speed of the pages with its default caching feature. The fast speed is one of the preferences for search engines to decide the rank on their SERPs.

I’ll leave it up to you to make your final decision as you need to consider what you’re using your site for and where you think you’ll be in the future.

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Manoj Patial
Manoj Patial
I am Manoj Patial, a website developer from India, I have more than 10 years of experience in website development. I developed more than 200+ website using Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Codeigniter, shopify, HubSpot and other CMS/PHP frameworks.
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